Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive Coachingsm Foundation Course (8 Days)

This course will provide a foundation to the communication skills needed by teachers and those occupying positions of leadership. It will present the Foundations of Cognitive Coachingsm, an approach to professional relationships which focuses on supporting the thinking of colleagues in the areas of planning, reflecting and problem resolving. The specific skills and strategies included in this course lend themselves to developing a school culture of collaboration and a professional learning community.



  • As a result of course activities, learners will:
    • Understand the essence of Cognitive Coaching, how it differs from consulting and evaluation.
    • Increase consciousness and craftsmanship in applying interpersonal communication skills to develop trust and rapport.
    • Understand the power of a structured professional conversation.
    • Learn specific reflective listening strategies.
    • Practice coaching skills in planning, reflecting and problem resolving conversations.
    • Increase awareness of and skills in asking mediative questions.
    • Gain a greater understanding of the use of data in mediating thinking.
    • Understand the three filters of perception and how to adjust one's style preferences.
  • The course is highly interactive and will include:
    • Modeling and role play.
    • Small group activities.
    • Learning partners.
    • Readings from text and course guide.
    • Numerous opportunities to practice skills.

Text books and course guides will be distributed prior to the start of the course. There will be a pre-reading assignment.

This course is normally 8 days in length, but can be offered in 2-day segments over an academic year or in some cases spanning two school years. Some international schools also elect to offer 45 hours of the course (5 or 6 days) for three graduate level credits.


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